Tubes made of Krüpax

Tubes made of phenolic paper type Krüpax® are useed in the electro industry as high classed insulating material as well as constructionmaterial in the machine construction. Therefor the superior price-value-ratio is convincing, because this material is highly durable and nevertheless has a low price. Because of the production process we can also produce small quantities without any problem.

Structure: Tubes made of Krüpax consist of with phenolic resin impregnated paper-lengths. They are parallel winded on winding machines, where under the influence of warmth and pressure glues together the lengths. At the following hardening process the layers get indissoluble. The finished tubes then get grinded and mechanically worked as the customer wishes.

We can produce the following Krüpax®–types.

Krüpax® 50 Hp 2065 acc. DIN 7735 PF CP 21 acc. EN 61212
Krüpax® 60 Hp 2066 acc. DIN 7735 PF CP 22 acc. EN 61212
Krüpax® 70 Hp 2067 acc. DIN 7735 PF CP 24 acc. EN 61212

Normal diameters and tolerances:

Inside diameter: from 2,4 mm up to about 600 mm
Wall thickness: from 0,5 mm depending of the diameter
Length: from 500 mm up to about 2100 mm
Tolerances: acc. to DIN 40607 or as wished

Data sheet:

Krüpax tubes