Krüger und Sohn Gebäude von außen

Welcome to Krüger & Son

The company KRÜGER & SOHN GMBH has been founded out of the Ing. Alfred Krüger & Sohn KG which exists since 1926. The founder of the company Mr. Alfred Krüger started only a short time after the discovery of phenolic resin with the production of small Hardpapertubes in Berlin.

1946 after the production place has been completely destroyed the company has been rebuild by Mr. Hans Joachim Krüger near Landshut. Since 1954 we produce at our today’s position in Landshut.

Because of a company splitting in the beginning of 1999 the Krüger and Sohn GmbH with an original capital of 100.000,00 EURO has been founded by the present sole proprietor Mr . Volker Krüger.