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Krüger und Sohn

The company KRÜGER & SOHN GMBH has been founded out of the Ing. Alfred Krüger & Sohn KG which exists since 1926. The founder of the company Mr. Alfred Krüger started only a short time after the discovery of phenolic resin with the production of small Hardpapertubes in Berlin. 1946 after the production place has been completely destroyed the company has been rebuild by Mr. Hans Joachim Krüger near Landshut. Since 1954 we produce at our today’s position in Landshut.

Because of a company splitting in the beginning of 1999 the Krüger and Sohn GmbH with an original capital of 100.000,00 EURO has been founded by the present sole proprietor Mr . Volker Krüger. In 2008 the biggest investment in the company’s history brought a significant expansion of production capacity and the expansion of production areas for CNC machining by the construction of a new production hall, and the modernization of existing buildings successfully.

Today we produce all kinds of classic laminates as well as special materials that have been developed by us. We produce on a production plain of 6.000 square meters with 80 employees. All raw materials get impregnated in our plant and are manufactured to tubes, rods and profiles. Our products then get worked on at CNC machines. Our products are used world wide in the electronic industry as well as in the machine manufacturing and the hydraulic industry.

The business vision:

Quality and environmental targets:
Concerning the measurable quality and environmental targets it is ensured, that:

  • the relevant processes within the organzation are defined
  • they are adapted to market needs
  • they are coordinated with legal and regulatory requirements and they are monitored
  • the IMS is under continuous and appropriate improvement
  • they are the framework for establishing and reviewing quality- and environmental targets
  • they are available to the public, contractors and clients.

Our environmental guidelines are:

  • Krüger & Sohn GmbH sets the goal to improve the environmental protection continuously by the establishment and implementation of guidelines for a environmental management system.
  • Krüger & Sohn GmbH promotes environmental awareness of its employees and ensures that training and education are offered.
  • Strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations and furture-orientated actions.
  • Waste and polluting emissions have to be avoided or reduced to an economically acceptable minimum.
  • Environmental indicators and objectives are set and regulary reviewed.
  • Use of best available technology, taking into account environmental and economic aspects.
  • By the voluntary introduction of an environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001 in 2013 Krüger & Sohn GmbH strengthens its efforts for an effective and sustainable environmental protection.

Landshut, der 19.04.2016 – Volker Krüger