Profile tubes made of Krütex

Profile tubes made of cotton-fabric type Krütex 100-P or 102-P are mainly used in the low voltage sector as insulators with high mechanic values. These profile tubes can have a quadratic, rectangular, oval or hexagonal cross-section depending on the available pressing tools. Besides that we can also cut out squares in L- and U-shape of the profile tubes. Out of rods there mainly produced all kinds of machined parts.

Structure: Profile tubes made of Krütex consist of with phenolic resin impregnated cotton-fabric-layers. They are parallel winded on winding machines and then get exactly shaped and at the same time hardened in hydraulic presses and heated presstools. There these layers get indissoluble. The finished tubes then get worked as the customer wishes. Rods are coreless winded and then get compressed in hydraulic presses.

We can produce the following Krütex ®-types

Krütex® 100-P Hgw 2088 acc. DIN 7735 PF CC 32/42 acc. EN 61212 Krütex® 102-P Hgw 2089 acc. DIN 7735 PF CC 31/41 acc. EN 61212

Normal diameters and tolerances:

Rods: from Ø5 mm up to Ø200 mm in lengths of about1050 mm
Square-tubes: from about 4 mm up to about 200 mm inside.
Wall-thickness from 1 mm depending of the size
Round tubes: inside from Ø20 mm up to ca.Ø150 mm
wall-thickness from 2,5 mm
Length: about.1000 mm
Tolerances: acc. to DIN 40610,40615,40618,40624 or as wished

Data sheet:

Krütex square tubes