Guide-rings made of Krütex 200

The highest quality material with special sliding properties!

Wear rings have the task to guide precisely the piston rod of a hydraulic-cylinder and to absorb the existing lateral forces. There must be no metallic contact between the sliding parts, i.e. with the counter surface.

Krütex 200 is distinguished for careful characteristics of the gliding surface and high absorption ability for defilement particles. The laminate material consists of a synthetic woven fabric, impregnated with a specially modified phenolic-resin.

Our manufacturing process envolves the complete line, starting with phenolic-resign plus woven fabric, resulting in finished wear-rings, bushes or bearings, with excellent tolerances. This procedure includes prepreg-fabrication, tube-production on modern winding machines and the use of CNC revolving automatons, each step accompanied by careful quality control. For this reason, we are able to react fast and flexible to special requests of our clients with respect to dimensions and variations, including raw material composition.

The application of Krütex 200 is recommended, if improved properties compared to phenolic-cotton based laminates are requested: high flexibility with minimum risk of breakage; Improved sliding behaviour and practically no water absorption; Excellent temperature resistance and slightly improved absorption of lateral forces (high permissible surface pressure).

Standard range of dimensions and tolerances:

Inside diameter: 15 mm – 500 mm Width: from 3 mm
Wall thickness: 1,5 mm – 25 mm Tolerances: 0,03 – 0,08 mm