• production of laminated plastics

Tubes made of Krütex

Tubes made of cotton-fabric type Krütex® are mainly used in machine construction but also in the electronic industry as construction material. Another main field of usage are the hydraulic and the bearing production. Because of the fabric-strength in combination with the phenolic resin you can put much weight on it, and so is used as substitute to metallic materials many areas. more »

Tubes made of Krüpax

Tubes made of phenolic paper type Krüpax® are useed in the electro industry as high classed insulating material as well as constructionmaterial in the machine construction. Therefor the superior price-value-ratio is convincing, because this material is highly durable and nevertheless has a low price. Because of the production process we can also produce small quantities without any problem. more »

Tubes made of Krülit

Tubes made of epoxy-glass-fabric or silicon-glass-fabric type Krülit® are used in all branches of the electro industry because of their superior mechanic, thermical and electric characteristics. A high shape constancy also in upper temperature spheres makes tight tolerances possible against that in cold spheres type 700 has proved worthvile. more »

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