Stripware Krütex 550-T / Krütex 550-TS

Flexible Polyester fabric.

Hydraulic guide tapes made of Krütex 550-T composite materials are manufactured from raw material to the finished part exclusively in our company on modern presses and processing machines. We can therefore respond quickly and flexibly to very specific requirements of our customers, regarding the dimensions and the change in the raw material components.

Guide rings made of strip material are used for sizes > ø 500 mm but also in repair work. They have the task of precisely guiding the piston and the piston rod of a working cylinder and of absorbing the resulting transverse forces. To avoid contact of the sliding components, between piston and cylinder wall or rod and cylinder head with the counter-running surface. Our guide elements are appreciated for their gentle behavior towards the sliding surfaces and their ability to bind smaller impurity particles.

Construction: Krütex 550-T tapes are made of polyester fabric with modified synthetic resin available in brown or black colour. They are pressed on a table press in the format 6000 x 1000 mm, where the resin glues under the action of pressure and heat. During the simultaneously occurring hardening process, the layers become an insoluble state. The panels are subsequently processed and made into coils or spirals. The special advantages of this material are a non-measurable water absorption as well as the high flexibility for an application-friendly installation.

Data sheet:

Krütex 550-T/TS stripware