Strip material Krütex 200-T

The ideal complement

Stripware has the great advantage over conventional guide rings, that a large number of different piston or rod rings can be cut from a few bearing sizes. This type of guide is used in the repair area, since the dimensions can be produced self-made very quickly. The standard sizes produced by us cover all standard dimensions for both piston and rod applications. With the material Krütex 200, we have developed an innovative material, which has always been highly popular since its marked introduction in 1992 and has proven itself millions of times in demanding applications.

Technical characteristics:

Compressive strenght, vertical: 320 N/mm² (EN ISO 604)
Ball pressure hardness, vertical: 190 N/mm² ( EN ISO 2093-1)
Coefficient of friction against steel: 0,025µ (DIN 53375)
Max. sliding speed 0,8 m/s
Specific weight 1,2 g/cm³
Temperature resistance -50 to +120°C

Construction: Krütex 200-T® strips consist of a combination of synthetic fiber fabric with modified phenolic resin. They are pressed into sheets in the format 6000 x 1000 mm, the resin adheres to the sheets under the influence of pressure and head. In doing so, the layers turn into an insoluble state. The finished panels are then cut into strips and are get milled. The advantages of this well proven material are a non-measurable water absorption as well as good emergency running characteristics. For detailed technical data on the material please refer to our data sheets, also available on our homepage.

Data sheet:

Krütex 200-T strip material